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Michele Weber Hurwitz
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I am available to visit your school, library, book club or writer's group.

For visits with children, my program is very interactive. There's nothing more unexciting than listening to an author talk-talk-talk. I involve the students by asking questions, using props, and illustrating my visit with a lively, funny Power Point presentation. My program is fun, engaging, and informative!

I can speak to small or larger groups in the 3rd to 6th grade range, and my basic presentation is one hour long. My visit can be tailored to meet your needs and audience, and I am available for autographing.

A brief summary of my presentation—So What's it Like to be an Author?

Michele Weber Hurwitz Presentation

I start by sharing some tidbits of myself as a fifth-grader and talk about how the seed for becoming an author was planted back then. I held many different jobs, though, before I was an author, and I describe how those experiences gave me something to write about. I firmly believe that inspiration is everywhere, and I relate how I get ideas from everyday life, including the ideas for my books. I focus on the themes in my stories, as well as the lowdown on getting published. I also reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets, both about publishing, and about my books. In addition, I touch on the skills a good writer possesses and explain why editing is so important to the process. I always end with a Q&A session. My presentation includes a little bit of everything—writing, ideas, publishing, themes in my books, and fun facts about being an author.

Here's what one school district had to say about my visit.

Please contact me regarding fees.

I am available for Skype visits too!

If your class or book club has read one of my books, I will do a free 20-minute Skype visit. Please email me for more info.

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Autograph table display at my visit to Burley School in Chicago My visit at St. Francis Xavier School in Wilmette, Illinois

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Westwood Middle School, Gainesville, Florida Westwood Middle School, Gainesville, Florida