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About Michele’s Presentations

Reading Inspiring Fiction Can Make a World of Difference

Michele’s presentations for schools, book clubs, libraries, conferences, and book festivals focus on the topic of how one person—especially a young person—can make a difference in his or her world and change things for the better. Using themes in her realistic fiction middle grade books, she illustrates how the characters are able to improve situations in their families, classrooms, neighborhoods, and communities by staying true to their beliefs, doing acts of kindness even if they don’t quite succeed, and pushing for climate crisis solutions.

The characters in Hello from Renn Lake aren’t satisfied with the town authorities’ decision to wait for a harmful algae bloom to dissipate, so they research a solution on their own. In The Summer I Saved the World…in 65 Days, the main character wants to know if doing good really does any good, and makes a plan to find out. In the Ethan Marcus books, a seventh-grader urges change in the classroom environment. And in Calli Be Gold, one girl reshapes her family’s long-held beliefs about what it means to achieve.

Strong, determined characters like these can inspire and encourage readers to think independently, form their own opinions, and learn to trust their knowledge and abilities.

Michele’s presentation is engaging, thought-provoking, and uplifting.

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