Hello from Renn Lake

Have you ever heard a lake? Sensed its thoughts? Might sound a little crazy, but 12-year old Annalise Oliver has. Maybe it’s because she was abandoned near one when she was a baby. Or maybe it’s because when she’s next to that very same lake, her worries float away as she watches the water ripple and sway. But when a small patch of algae quickly becomes a harmful bloom, Renn goes silent.

Ethan Marcus Makes His Mark

Siblings Ethan and Erin Marcus may be only 11 months apart in age, but they’re a million miles apart in every other way. Ethan’s laid-back and doesn’t plan beyond his next snack, and Erin’s intense, super organized, and super serious. In the sequel to Ethan Marcus Stands Up, these two polar opposites attend a prestigious tech/maker camp. Can they learn how to put aside their differences and work as a team?

Ethan Marcus Stands Up

Seventh-grader Ethan Marcus takes a stand at McNutt Jr. High. Literally. Eight periods of sitting at a desk gives Ethan nonstop scomas (school comas). He wants to create a standing desk device for Invention Day but can he compete with the serious makers? His sister Erin thinks he’s a joke, but Ethan’s determined to prove her, and everyone else, wrong.

The Summer I Saved the World…in 65 Days

Can ordinary people be heroes? Pay it forward. Practice random acts of kindness. Does doing good really do any good? One summer. One girl. One plan. 65 ways to make a difference.

Calli Be Gold

Calli’s older brother Alex is a basketball star and her sister Becca is on a synchronized skating team, but 11-year old Calli thinks she’s a failure because she’s flopped at everything she’s tried. Can she find her own way to achieve, despite her family’s focus on medals and champions?